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Woke Botanicals

Elevated Wellness

Lead a Healthy and Balanced Life
by Awakening your Endocannabinoid System
Woke Botanicals
After decades of studying and working with plants and their healing properties, herbalist
and nutritionist Kim Williams, Founder of Shanti Life, home of Self Love, brings us Elevated
Wellness through her newest line of products, Woke Botanicals.
Woke Botanicals clean and natural product line of gummies, tinctures and balms are organic,
raw and cold-pressed.
Also available: a THC-free alternative CBD + Ashwagandha, an organic and broad
spectrum gummy, specifically formulated to treat pain, inflammation, anxiety and stress.
Did you know that most gummies on the market contain only 10-25 mg of CBD, while Woke
Botanicals’ gummies contain 50mg?
Kim Williams, whose credentials include herbalist, nutritionist, Yogi, Wellness Coach, Massage
Therapist, Permaculture Designer, beauty therapist, spa consultant, Ayurveda therapist, and
Reiki Healer, established Shanti Life in 2005, bringing sustainable yoga accessories to the
world, using hemp and other natural materials.
Having worked internationally in the production and dispensing of “Science of Life” plant
medicines for various health benefits, Kim has always been fascinated with plants and their
healing abilities, the cannabis plant having more uses than most. As a hemp lover, she spent
time in Vietnam and Spain, growing, juicing and perfecting through experimentation, which led
to the creation of Woke Botanicals in 2017, through the emergence of the legal Cannabis
“I have always loved the beauty and smell of cannabis; she and I have an affinity.
Understanding more about the endocannabinoid system, it is apparent we are not
getting enough cannabinoids. Woke Botanicals will wake up your system, enabling you
to lead a healthy and balanced life.” —Kim Williams
Woke Botanicals is dedicated to sustainable practices that maintain environmental balance,
from our ingredients to harvesting methods, which improve soil and preserve land, to our
recyclable packaging and materials.
Our products, made in the USA, are never processed with chemicals or alcohol

Whether you are looking for inner calm, relief from pain, anxiety, stress or a good nights sleep, Woke Botanicals
has a formula specifically designed for your needs.

Our CBD product Lineup includes: herbal hemp teas, full spectrum bath salts, massage oil, pain balm, skin treatments, gummies and drops.
Woke Botanicals is part of Shanti Life and was created to enhance your wellbeing and provide a holistic alternative way to find relief and
relaxation from daily stress and health concerns.

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