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Benefits of Yoga


Regular yoga practice can have an abundance of benefits on both your physical and mental health. This ancient practice improves circulation in the body, provides stress relief, and can lead to more energy and brighter moods.


When practicing correctly, you’ll notice an increased awareness of mind, body, and breath. Learning to control your breathing and concentration is one of the most crucial parts of effective yoga practice.


A growing number of practitioners are increasingly integrating cannabis and yoga. Incorporating our plant-powered products into your practice will help you further experience the healing power of hemp.

Kim Williams

Founder and owner Kim Williams has been in the health space for as long as she can remember. Her life is a continuous journey to learn about the mind, body, spirit, nutrition, health, fitness, and relaxation methods. She has practiced holistic face and bodywork therapy for over 20 years and has taught yoga and various complementary therapies for over 18 years. Kim’s personal experience has given her a drive and passion for helping others achieve a better version of themselves through natural remedies. If you’re in Warwick, drop in and say hi; Kim will welcome you warmly to Shanti Life.

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