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Tea Gift Box


  Woke Botanicals Herbal Hemp infusions

A variety of teas blended to enhance your wellbeing. Includes:

  • Heart-shaped tea strainer
  • Moroccan mojito, mint, lime peel, green tea, hemp. flower
  • sensual infusion, damiana, jasmine, mint, and hemp. flower
  •  Winter infusion, cinnamon, rooibos, licorice, clove, anise, orange peel, hemp flower
  • Nighttime Infusion, chamomile, lavender, meadowsweet, hemp flower
  • Uplifting, yerba mate, hibiscus, hemp flower, and a little stevia.
  • Mineral Magik, sage, lemongrass, horsetail, hemp flower.
Steep 1-2 tsp. in boiling water for best results, add a small amount of fat to bind cannabinoid molecules (coconut oil, mct oil, ghee or butter), sit back, bring the cup to your face, close your eyes, inhale deeply, sip slowly and enjoy. Contains .3% D9THC. Full-spectrum hemp flower.

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A variety of teas blended to
enhance your wellbeing.