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Sexy Time


Woke Botanicals Intimate oil with Full Spectrum CBD, is a natural cannabis infused, all plant based oil. Used topically, CBD promotes increased blood flow – a vital part of arousal and sexual pleasure. Used as a lubricant and all over massage oil, helping to stimulate, soothe and heighten your experience. Designed to increase natural lubrication, sensation and improve your your life CBD lube can also be beneficial for people who might experience pain during sex, which can be caused by a number of different things CBD can help reduce cycle pto tension in the pelvic floor and entry walls. CBD is absorbed through the mucous membranes and gets into the blood stream quickly and effectively. …. From head to toe…Get your sexy on! Painful sex is more common than you’d think. CBD has been shown to help manage pain – gently and naturally. Ingredients; fractionalized coconut oil; hemp oil, Full spectrum CBD (hemp flower extract)

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