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Kim Williamson of Shanti Life Shop and Woke Botanicals Hemp Products

Kim Williamson Featured In The Village Voice

The Village Voice recently published an article featuring Woke Botanicals and Shanti Life Shop founder Kim Williamson where Kim talks about the benefits of CBD products and the importance of using CBD products that are of high quality and compliance. Kim noted when it comes to Shanti Life:

We only work with suppliers who provide third-party lab reports for their products,” says Williamson. “Full transparency is extremely important. It’s our job to make sure that our customers receive safe and effective CBD products.”

Kim also notes the importance of choosing ethical providers for CBD products and importance of having transparency in where products are sourced from as well as how they processed. Kim notes further:

We see our suppliers as our partners. You wouldn’t purchase stock from someone you don’t trust,” Williamson explains. “Keep your suppliers close. That way, you can give feedback quickly and make certain no mistakes are made due to miscommunication.”

You can read more about the interview in the Village Voice here.