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Listen to Kim on The Small Business Big Marketing Spotlight podcast!

Kim Williams Featured on “The Small Business Big Marketing Spotlight” podcast

Shanti Life Shop owner and Woke Botanicals founder Kim Williams was recently featured on “The Small Business Big Marketing Spotlight” podcast. You can find the podcast, along with links to the major podcast platforms where it can also be found, here:

Kim discusses with the Big Marketing Spotlight Show host Timbo Reid the uses and benefits of hemp, the challenges of operating in the industry, and her own product line, Woke Botanicals. She emphasizes the importance of integrating wellness practices into daily life and offers tips for relaxation and stress relief.

In this Spotlight episode, Kim Williams flicks the switch on:

  • Hemp – its uses and well-being benefits
  • The mainstream corporate takeover of the Hemp industry, and how the little guys can still compete
  • We’ll explore how Kim has created her own line of well-being products she’s sells online and off
  • Plus I’ll get Kim to share how we can integrate little well-being hacks into our lives to feel just that little bit better.

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