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Taking CBD oil on a routine schedule is typically the optimal method of consumption of CBD in order to get the best results

In this article we’ll weigh pros vs. cons to find the best way to take CBD. We’ll also review myths and tips on ways to avoid getting scammed by false claims and fake products. Taking CBD oil on a routine schedule is typically the optimal method of consumption in order to get the best results.

When it comes to skin conditions, CBD topical creams and bath salts, combined with CBD oil taken orally will yield maximum benefits. “Bio-Availability” is KEY It is the measurement of how quickly the body absorbs a substance (like CBD) into the bloodstream.

For example: CBD skin cream may help topical conditions like eczema, BUT skin creams only have a ‘bioavailability” or absorption rate of 5-10%.

While CBD oil has a ‘bio-availability’ of up to 35%

Bioavailability is how quick CBD can work.

But for many conditions, CBD working long term is more important that working quickly.

The “Cumulative Effect” 

For the first two weeks of taking CBD, the CBD molecules are building up in the bloodstream. 

Someone taking CBD for three weeks will have more pronounced effects than someone only taking CBD for three days.

As CBD accumulates in the body it becomes more effective. This is known as the ‘cumulative effect’. 

It usually takes about two weeks to build up a CBD ‘baseline’ for CBD to become most effective. 

Smoking CBD (hemp flowers) has the highest bioavailability, but smoking CBD is not the most efficient way of building up a baseline of CBD to take advantage of the cumulative effect.

When it comes to maximizing the benefits of the cumulative effect, CBD tincture is Queen!

4 Common Ways to Take CBD:

For most conditions, CBD oil is the best long-term option. 

1. Sublingual: (Drops of CBD Oil Under Your Tongue),h_236,al_c,q_90,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/cf9ff4_27bef0b8014b401499c3a4ad53dbc0f5~mv2.jpg

CBD Oil – This is the most common method of CBD consumption.

CBD oil typically comes in a tincture bottle with a dropper or spray. 

To take sublingually, fill the dropper with CBD oil and squeeze or spray the recommended dose under your tongue, hold it for 30-60 and allow the CBD oil absorb. 

By letting the CBD oil absorb under your tongue it bypasses your stomach and is able to absorb into the bloodstream much quicker and more efficiently.

CBD Oil has a typical bio-availability (absorption rate) of 35% and on average lasts 8 hours.

CBD oil is also the most efficient way to build up a CBD ‘baseline’ in order to take advantage of the cumulative effect.

2. Oral Consumption: (Eating CBD)

CBD Gummies / edibles / capsules / pills etc

 Oral consumption of CBD firstly has to digest in the stomach before absorbing into the bloodstream.

Depending on how much food you’ve eaten, consuming CBD orally has a lower bioavailability than CBD oil and can take anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours before being fully absorbed. 

Oral consumption has an absorption rate similar to sublingual consumption lasts around 8 hours.

Consuming CBD orally is also a good way to build up a baseline to take advantage of the cumulative effect.

3. Inhaling: (Vaping & Smoking)

Smoking CBD – Smoking Hemp flower has also taken off as a popular movement.

Smoking hemp is still considered generally safe with minimal to no short or long term side effects. 

Smoking CBD has an absorption rate close to 40%, take effect almost instantly and effects lasts 1-2 hours.

4. Topical Skin Application – (Applied directly to your skin)

CBD lotion / Cream / Body Butter / Moisturizer / Balm /Salve  – These are all very popular and work a little bit differently than the first three methods. 

CBD topicals have the lowest bioavailability and are absorbed into the blood stream at a rate of 5-10%.


When it comes to skin conditions such as Psoriasis, Eczema or Acne, CBD topical products are much more effective that CBD oils, vapes or gummies.

For maximum benefit CBD topical products can be combined with CBD oil to take advantage of the cumulative effect as well as topical effects.

Full Spectrum CBD is the Best CBD Product.

Full spectrum CBD products are made using the all of the plant matter containing CBD but also CBG, CBC, CBN & Even trace amounts of THC (but under the legal limit of 0.3% THC). Terepenes and flavonoids also play a role. 

By using all of the of plant matter, Full Spectrum CBD products contain a greater variety of naturally occurring cannabinoids.

Full Spectrum CBD products provide for a greater range of health benefits when compared to CBD isolate.

However, because there are trace amounts (under 0.3%) of THC although unlikely, it is potentially possible for full spectrum CBD to show up on a strictly enforced job related drug screening.

The combination, or “synergy” of all these cannabinoids working together creates what scientists are calling The Entourage effect.
The ‘Entourage Effect” have shown that Full Spectrum CBD is more effective than CBD Isolate.


Generally speaking CBD oil is Queen.

CBD oil is the best way to take advantage of the cumulative effect and also has the second highest bioavailability among other methods of consumption.


There is no best method for taking CBD…. Every situation is different…

The one constant is

Woke Botanicals always use full spectrum products as they are superior when compared to CBD isolate or broad spectrum CBD.  At Shanti Life we carry a selection of brands and products that have been vetted for quality and consistency and include broad spectrum and isolated CBD. We carry, tinctures, teas, bath salts, topicals and edibles.