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10 Ideas For A Better Life

  1. Nothing stays the same. Change is the only constant; when we resist the
    change we struggle and move out of the flow. I have learned to go with it in
    excitement and wonder and found many blessings.
  2. A smile is the most beautiful accessory! That lift of the lips and glint in your
    eyes has more power than a bit of bling. A smile lifts yours and others
    spirits…go on get out there and share it!
  3. The breath is under rated… most people are not even aware of their breath.
    Taking slow long deep breaths helps to calm the mind and central nervous
    system it helps lower the heart rate and brings focus and clarity. Before I go
    to sleep and when I wake up I spend a few minutes connecting to my breath;
    practicing some simple breathing exercises.
  4. Negative emotions like; anger, jealousy, insecurities are all fear based.
    Whenever these feelings appear I acknowledge them and send them to the
    light- they are only conditioned behavioral patterns that do not serve us.
  5. Love does conquer all! Pour lashings of love on yourself and others and
    watch them transform. Staying in tune with the stirrings in my heart has
    helped me make the right decisions.
  6. Meditation; as a single working mother life can get stressful finding time for
    yourself is a must…creating a space where you go just to be still helps keep
    the balance.
  7. Giving is good! What we reap is what we sew. The universal law of cause and
    effect (Dharma/Karma) says that everything happens for a reason and all
    actions have a re action. So if I want something I have to be the change.
  8. Always carry a sense of humor (and a spare passport- incase the humor
    doesn’t work!) When life gets too serious it restricts us from receiving, stay
    open and have fun.
  9. Health is wealth. When I don’t give thought and time preparing food, I end
    up grabbing on the go which is not the best option. We really are what we
    eat, as a rule I don’t eat anything with more than 5 ingredients and if I can’t
    pronounce it it’s a no no!
  10. Exercise is a great pick me up…I feel better and have lots more energy if I
    exercise daily, even if it’s a 10 minute walk . Scientists have confirmed that
    people who exercise regularly for leisure are less likely to be depressed.

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