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For The Love of Hemp

Growing up in Scotland and its vast wild landscape full of nature and the freedom of its open space I found being outdoors in nature was my haven. Spending time with my grandmother, who was a frugal Scot, taught me about plants and how to grow food, as well as, how to prepare healthy dishes. There was always some lotions and potions around, most of which smelled rather nasty. It really was a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down or holding your nose before partaking.

The scent of sweet Mary Jane in my teenage years that wafted from behind the sheds and old war bunkers captured me. I was intrigued. In the late 70s and early 80s there was not a lot of information freely available about cannabis, but for me my passion had been ignited. It wasn’t until my aunt was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in the early 80s that I discovered literature and articles about the healing properties of this magical cannabis plant.

Over the years I have learned that there is only one planet Earth and that we humans have a role here on our temporary home to nurture both ourselves, as well as, our earth. Working on the land was a way of life for a lot of people when times were simpler, where gardening and growing food was common. Many people in towns had allotments and grew their own vegetables and herbs. Composting was a big deal and reusing and up cycling was commonplace, people in towns had allotments and grew their own vegetables and herbs.

I often saw my grandmother, head in and butt up, inside the washing machine or television and tinkering with wires. Since the industrial revolution when people were mobilized into towns and cities with the lure of jobs and shiny new disposable things, life became easier in the sense of less labor-intensive, but more mundane. Laziness set in and we wanted it all now!

Fast forward to today and we are all aware of the cultural damage, environmental damage along with the
psychological and emotional damage this has caused. We are all responsible for our planet and our fellow humans. We may feel futile in the face of news spin showing devastation and doomsday messages. but as with all healthy practices we must not allow this media to sink us into the deeper hole of uselessness.

We must harness the thoughts that those messages permeate into the matrix of mind and start to feel the power of evokes. We start to feel this power that comes about when we master our thoughts by switching them from negative into positive. By knowing that this is where we start the process we give ourselves the control over where we want to be by creating healthy thoughts that empower us to strive for consciousness.

Conscious consumers have full control over their spending therefore over our own power to change companies into more earth friendly ones that practice creating health for our planet and its people. Own your power. Use your power. Love your power.

Shanti Om,

Kim Williams
Founder Shanti Life Products

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