Amazonite Stone Point

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Amazonite has been said to help with anything from fatigue and trauma to alcohol addiction. Amazonite has been said to also balance masculine and feminine energies. It  may help you to see both sides of a problem, or different points-of view on an issue that might be causing frustration for you personally as well! Amazonia  may also soothe emotional trauma by calming worry and fear;  and also dispel negative energy caused by blockages within our nervous system. This not the actual stone you are ordering but it will be roughly the same size.

We are not healthcare professionals and do not have the ability to provide medical advice. Gemstones should not be seen to supplant medicinal advice however you can try supplementing with other therapeutic treatments. For medical advice, please consult a medical doctor.

Since crystals may potentially assist the mind, body and spirit does not insinuate that you personally will receive any of the supposed benefits.


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