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Special Sauce Hemp Flower


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Special Sauce Hemp Flower

(Original strain) x ERB Special Sauce. With a sweet and floral taste, this strain has beautiful hints of cinnamon mixed with blueberries. Perfect for night-time use, you can literally feel as stress and anxiety drips away from your mind and body as your shoulders loosen and drop. Special Sauce is a high cannabidiol (CBD) hemp strain that contains a very unique cannabinoid profile and smell. She works amazingly well as a sleep aid and/or for chronic pain relief Special Sauce CBD hemp flower is a unique cannabidiol flower strain that packs some serious heat. Its smaller stature loses nothing when it comes to potency, with a very diverse cannabinoid profile that includes decent amounts of CBCA, CBCVA, CBG, and CBGA along with the more common inhabitants like CBDA and THCA.… everything about this flower is high-quality.

Cannabinoid Profile

CBC .034%
CBCA .74%
CBD .50%
CBDA 16.4%
CBDVA .120%
D9-THC .129%
THCA .61%

Terpene Profile

alpha-Bisabolol .093%
Caryophyllene Oxide .067%
beta-Caryophyllene .26%
beta-Farnesene .113%
Fenchol .036%
Fenchone .044%
Guaiol .036%
alpha-Humulene .117%
Limonene .025%
beta-Myrcene .46%
cis-beta-Ocimene .031%
trans-beta-Ocimene .0079%
Phytol 2 .028%
alpha-Pinene .146%
beta-Pinene .062%
sabinene hydrate .035%
alpha-Terpineol .0140%
Terpinolene .024%

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